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Autotrix Flag Ship Paint Protection Ceramic Coating with 5 Year Warranty

Autotriz V1 3D Matrix Coating is the flag ship product of the range. A two part process made up of a base and top coat that causes a chemical reaction and fuses onto your paint work, in other words (Super robust for those who demand the very best)
A revolutionary coating that utilizes three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure technology to produce extreme clarity, amazing reflection and gloss on the paint.
The permanent barrier which exceeds 9H hardness offers excellent resistance against scratches, chemicals and temperature. It provides strong water repellent properties that protect the paint surface from oxidation, discoloration, dirt, acid rain, salts and UV rays.

*Prices start from $800 for a new small car.


Interior Leather Protection with 12 Month Warranty

Auto Triz V6 Leather Coating is a true leather protection coating which is based on a nano-ceramic formula that helps your car’s leather stay cleaner for longer and last longer.
This leather protection also helps prevents UV damage, liquid spills and damaging chemicals from taking their toll, keeping your leather looking brand new for longer.
Can be applied to Seats, Vinyl Surfaces, Dashboard, Interior trim, Steering Wheel, Gear Knob, anything leather on the inside.

**Prices start from $200 for a 5 seat sedan


Fabric Protection with 12 Month Warranty

Auto Triz V7 Fabric Coating is a Super Hydrophobic Protective textile coating that penetrates and adheres to each individual fibre in the fabrics it is applied to creating a defence against spills and dirt staining the fabric. Spills just roll off the surface and not penetrate the fibres.
It also makes cleaning easier as dust and spills can easily be vacuumed away

***Prices start from $220 for a 5 seat sedan


Plastic Protection with 12 Month Warranty

Auto Triz V3 Plastic Coating brings back the colour of black plastic like unpainted guard trims, bumpers etc.. and helps prevent it from losing its colour under the sun and turning grey.
We can also coat your interior plastic of door trims, dashboard, console, anything plastic inside your car to protect that from the harsh UV rays.

****Prices start from $60 for a small car, contact us for quote.


Glass Protection with 12 Month Warranty

Auto Triz V5 Glass Coating is a Super Hydrophobic coating that fills in all the little microscopic pores in the glass and creates a super slick surface that makes the rain just roll right off the surface. Travelling at highway speed you do not even need to use windscreen wipers.
The coating dramatically improves your vision, no more water sheeting on the windows, just clear vision whether you are parking or driving at highway speeds.

*****Prices start from $50 for a sedan


Wheel Protection with 12 Month Warranty

Auto Triz V4 Wheel Coating is an intense, protective wheel coating that repels water, dirt, brake dust and other contaminants from sticking to the wheel's surface. This means that brake dust, iron particles, and other nasty contaminants struggle to bond to the wheel's surface, making maintenance super easy as just hosing them off.

******Prices start from $65 per wheel


The Fine Print

* Newer cars less than 1000km require less preperation and are cheaper. Cars that are several years old may take several more hours of preperation and paint correcting to be able to apply the paint protection to. This could increase the price several hundred dollars as will larger cars.

** Seats get a good clean and preperation before protection is applied, if seats are dirtier than average it may cost more, if more than 5 seats price will increase. We can do leather dash, trim etc.. at extra price as well.

*** Seats and carpets are normally shampooed before applying the fabric protection, carpets are extra costs and more than 5 seats are extra cost.

**** Black plastic varies on a car, price will depend on what and how much plastic you want coated.

***** Water spot removal is extra depending how long it takes to remove water spots, more windows more cost as well. e.g tesla with glass roof will cost more.

***** Depending how dirty each wheel is price will vary as such and the difficulty level of the wheel with angles and corners etc.. increasing cleaning difficulty.

PAYMENT: Payment to be finalised in full on job completion, can be currently paid in Cash, Bank Transfer, Crypto Currency, PayPal or Credit Card(1.5% surcharge), more methods coming very soon.




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